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Easter Baking Ideas

If you are stuck for something to bake or make this Easter weekend then maybe this will help give you an idea, here are some Easter bakes and makes I have previously blogged!

Yellow chick cupcakes – made by colouring desiccated coconut with yellow food dye and using sweets for the eyes and nose. Simple!

Chick cupcakes

Or classic chocolate nest cupcakes filled with mini eggs!

Easter nests

Or if you are more adventurous and want to make your own chocolate easter eggs, then how about trying these colourful chocolate eggs. Dyed egg shells filled with chocolate! Time consuming and quite fiddly but very effective!

Easter eggs

Optimized-DSC_0510 (2)

If you want to steer away from the chocolate and do some real baking then why not try making this lovely German Easter Bread – Osterzopf – a bit like brioche and flavoured with lemon.


Or traditional Hot Crossed Buns:

Hot Cross Buns

Or how about this quick and easy version of a hot cross bun – the Hot Crossed Scone!

Hot Cross Scones

Happy Easter Baking!

Lottie xx

Chocolate and Blackcurrant Cake

Happy New Year from Lottie’s Bakes! I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! Now it is January and time to diet … or time to make a delicious chocolate and blackcurrant cake! First though I have some very very very exciting news …. I got a Kitchen Aid for Christmas! It is beautiful and I love it. It is a lovely pistachio green and is the star of my kitchen. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and I’m sure I make much less mess when I use it! So here it is – say hello! Do you think it is okay to give it a name? Any mixer suitable name suggestions very welcome!

kitchen aid


Now it is time to bake – this is the recipe for the very first cake my Kitchen Aid helped me to make! If you have had enough of dried fruit and spices now Christmas is over then why not turn your loyalties back to chocolate and make this delicious Chocolate and Blackcurrant cake. Chocolate and blackcurrant pair together so well, I have used them before in this Brownie base Blackcurrant Cheesecake and I had to use them together again. This cake is a 3 layer chocolate sponge cake, filled with blackcurrant jam and dark chocolate ganache and then covered in dark chocolate ganache.

Chocolate and blackcurrant cake

To make this cake you will need:

220g plain flour
200g golden caster sugar
150g soft brown sugar
90g cocoa powder
1.5 tsp baking powder
1.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 eggs
250ml whole milk
125ml sunflower oil
1tsp vanilla extract
250ml boiling water

Good quality blackcurrant jam

To make the ganache:
400ml double cream
400g dark chocolate

Start by making the ganache first, this can be made the day before and left at room temperature to set. Heat the cream gently in a pan, don’t allow to boil but once hot take off the heat and break the chocolate into the saucepan. Stir the chocolate into the cream until melted and you have a thick, glossy ganache. Leave at room temperature to set to a spreadable consistency.


Preheat the oven to 180C. Mix the dry ingredients together until well combined. Mix in the eggs, milk, oil and vanilla until the batter is well mixed and smooth. Gradually add the boiling water and mix well until it is all combined. The mixture will be very wet but don’t worry it comes out as a wonderfully moist cake. Pour the batter into 3 greased and lined 8 inch cake tins, dividing the batter equally between them. Bake in the oven at 180C for approx 20-30 minutes. To test if the cakes are done insert a skewer, it should come out clean.

Leave the cakes to cool in their tins before removing. Handle the cakes gently as they are very moist.

Once the cakes are completely cool you can start assembling. Use a knife or palette knife to spread a thick layer of blackcurrant jam over one of the layers. Spread ganache over another layer and sandwich the 2 together. Repeat, spreading a layer of blackcurrant and ganache and sandwiching together.

Blackcurrant jam


Once the cake is assembled carefully cover the cake in ganache, trying to keep the cake as straight as you can and making sure the icing is spread evenly and smoothly.

Assembled cake

I finished my cake with a dusting of icing sugar using a stencil to create a snowflake design.



Happy Baking! Any Kitchen Aid tips and tricks then please send them my way!

Lottie x

Ps. I am entering this cake into this month’s Tea Time Treats. The theme is eggs and guess what, this cake contains eggs! It is hosted by The Hedgecombers and Lavender and Lovage.

Colourful Chocolate Eggs for Easter

Before Easter becomes a distant memory, these are marbled chocolate eggs that I made for Easter. I saw a chocolate filled egg shell in a shop and figured it surely couldn’t be that hard to make. My sister always makes lovely Easter eggs using moulds and ices names onto them, so I had to come up with something different. I came home, did a bit of research on the internet and set out to buy my eggs and chocolate. I didn’t realise just quite how much chocolate fits into a single egg shell….nearly 100g!

Step 1 in the Easter egg making is to blow out the eggs. Use a needle to puncture the top of the egg and to make a centimetre wide hole at the other end. You need to break up the yolk inside, I did this with a chopstick. Blow through the top of the egg to empty the contents of the egg into a bowl.

Once the egg shells are empty you need to wash them out so there are no remains of egg inside. Remember to be gentle with them! Once they are cleaned you need to boil them as they are going to be filled with chocolate that will be eaten and they need to be very clean. You need to sterilise them by boiling them for 10 minutes. Once that is done, leave them to dry completely.

If you are colouring the egg shells you need some food colouring, white vinegar and warm water. Put each egg into the dye for a couple of minutes. To get a marble effect add some oil to the dye liquid, or just roll the eggs around in some of the food dye paste. Leave to dry before filling with chocolate.

Melt lots and lots of chocolate for the eggs and fill a piping bag. Snip the end off the piping bag and squeeze the chocolate into the eggs until full. Allow to set completely in the fridge. I used some pink icing to seal up the open end of the eggs.

 I attempted to make a liquid yolk in some of the eggs by mixing some white chocolate with single cream to make a white chocolate cream. I filled a piping bag with the cream and squeezed the liquid into the centre of the melted chocolate. And then left it to set.

And tada, you have chocolate filled colourful egg shells (except as a trick one of mine was a hard boiled egg – my brother was unlucky enough to pick that one out!).

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Lottie xx