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Lottie’s World of Cakes Down Under – Bakeries in Sydney

Hello from Australia! I have to tell you about some amazing bakeries in Sydney. It has been a little while since I last posted anything here, the reason being that I have spent the last few weeks having an amazing time travelling in Oz! So I hope you will forgive me! Russell and I flew out over Christmas, spent a couple of days in Singapore, followed by a week in Sydney (we were there for the NYE fireworks, which was amazing!). From Sydney we hired a station wagon and spent the next couple of weeks working our way up the East Coast of Australia, camping each night until we reached Cairns. It was the most amazing time and there are some truly beautiful places along the coast. I have been blogging photos of our travels on Tumblr, and there is a photo from every day on our East Coast drive. You can find the blog here at The Adventures of Russ and Lotts. For me some of the highlights of our trip were the absolutely stunning blue mountains, flying over Fraser Island and sailing around the Whitsundays but really it was all fantastic. We are now in Melbourne for several weeks where I have started my elective placements and Russell has started work but there is still plenty of time to explore in and around Melbourne and we will be updating the travel blog with photos from here as well.

I thought it would be a nice idea to blog about different cakes and bakes that we have tried while in Australia, seeing as I am currently unable to bake, so I have been collecting photos of things we have tried along the way. First stop … Sydney!

Bakeries in Sydney- Blog - Sydney Harbour


In Sydney I had heard about the Bourke Street Bakery and that it was a must visit for any baking fan. This was the first Sydney bakery we visited, and I can tell you there are many many bakeries in Sydney. Every corner we turned had a cake shop! When we arrived at Bourke Street Bakery (in Surry Hills) there was a queue of people out the door so I knew it must be good. We grabbed a table and ordered some coffees and pastries for breakfast. The bakery itself is tiny, the queue is on the street, it is slightly chaotic ordering inside and seating is outside. But no wonder there is a queue, the breads and pastries that you can see through the window look delicious.

Bakeries in Sydney- Blog - Bourke Street Bakery



I opted for an apricot danish, Russell for a chocolate and raspberry muffin. Both delicious, lovely flaky pastry and a lovely moist muffin. Its just a shame we didn’t get to try the bread there too, the sourdough in the window looked fantastic.

Bakeries in Sydney- Blog - Danish and Muffin


If you are looking for a yummy breakfast, lunch, loaf of bread of afternoon treat then I can recommend Bourke Street Bakery, as long as you don’t mind a short queue, I’m sure you will have  a hard time choosing what you want from everything on offer.

Our second bakery trip in Sydney was to a completely different bakery, it was Adriano Zumbo’s Patisserie in Balmain. Where as Bourke St Bakery sells traditional and simple breads, cakes and pastries, Adriano Zumbo’s Patisserie sells complicated creations that each look like little works of art and rows of macarons. Although the cakes here were also twice the price, but when you see how much detail has gone in to each one you can see why. We heard about Adriano Zumbo once we were in Sydney, he became famous after appearing on Masterchef Australia. His shop in Balmain is tiny, without seating but with a stunning display of cakes. Another store we came across of his was in Pyrmont, this shop is bright pink, with cakes on their own tall stands and macarons in ‘in case of emergency break glass’ boxes and pastries in mini ovens, a very fun looking shop.

Bakeries in Sydney- Blog - Adriano Zumbo

Bakeries in Syndey - Blog - Adriano Zumbo - ovens




We chose the eric is bananaman cake consisting of chocolate banana mousse, lemon and banana creme, flourless chocolate cake, caramelised almonds, banana milk chocolate glaze and salted chocolate. Very rich but utterly delicious and a mini masterpiece!



Bakeries in Sydney- Blog - Eric is Bananaman

If anybody has any suggestions on bakeries we should visit in Melbourne then please let me know! I think I am spoilt for choice at the moment.

Lottie xx