Jammy Jubilee Cupcakes and Jubilee Celebrations!

Happy Jubilee Weekend! I have been celebrating with a street party in my street today and have just popped in to write this blog before the Jubilee is over. The party is in full swing, there was a big lunch, races (Russ didn’t win the sack race), a 50s exhibition in the church, facepainting and our balcony doors are open so I am listening to the live band outside play some Elvis at the moment. Sounding good!

Yesterday Russell and I braved central London and went to watch the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. It was packed but there was a great atmosphere around, and it wasn’t until after the pageant that the rain really started to come down. We found a little stool and both managed to balance on top of it to get a view over the crowds of the boats that went past. We managed to get a view of the Queen’s boat!

As my family demolished the Jubilee Celebration Cake I made last weekend, I made some Jubilee Cupcakes as my offering for the party today! They disappeared before Russell could even get one! These cupcakes use the same recipe as these cupcakes that I have posted before. They are vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla and cream cheese frosting. The only difference is that I gave these Jubilee ones a raspberry jam filling. The decorations 0n the top are hand made, I am quite proud of the union jack ones in particular!


Enjoy the rest of the long Jubilee Weekend!

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Lottie xx

7 thoughts on “Jammy Jubilee Cupcakes and Jubilee Celebrations!

  1. bakingaddict

    Happy Jubilee Weekend! Sounds like you are having a great time 🙂 I went to my street party today and it was good fun! I love your cupcakes especially the decorations!! The union jacks are amazing – what did you use for the white disc?

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