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My Week in Photos

Here is my week summed up in pictures (it’s quite short as I was working nights or asleep for most of the week!):


1. Wedding Scrapbooking – I covered our little flat in bits of paper this week as I made a wedding scrapbook. A Pinterest board that I can actually hold in my hands and flick through!

Lucky Duck

2. My sister brought me back this lovely little Whitby Lucky Duck bride from her trip up north. It sits on the shelf next to my blue March duck! If you are going to Whitby then this lovely little shop is definitely worth a look to pick up a lucky duck for your birth month.

Feastival with Scott

3. Enjoying Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival with my not-so-little-little brother where he played on the bandstand stage – more to come soon!

Love, Lottie xx