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Fondant Rose Cupcakes

Fondant Rose Cupcakes

Halloween this year just seemed to pass me by, I sadly didn’t even get round to baking anything pumpkin themed. Last year was the first time I made a pumpkin pie and I think it will have to be done again soon. In fact I only really registered it was Halloween when I was having dinner in Croydon on Wednesday and the Grim Reaper glided past on rollerskates with a sign saying ‘Free Hugs Or Else’! So instead of some Halloween baking I have something much prettier to post about. Last time I posted I wrote about the Rose Cake I made but because my sister managed to spread out her birthday so long, the week after I got another chance to make a rose themed cake. Yay! This time we have Rose Cupcakes and I decided to try my hand at some sugarcraft, something I hadn’t done before. It was rather therapeutic though really, I spent an evening learning to make and making lots of little fondant roses! This is the video I used to learn how to make them. I used a Renshaw Ready to Roll icing which is a lovely bright pink, I was quite pleased with the result. The cupcakes themselves are simple vanilla cupcakes and they are iced with runny fondant icing. I finished them off with a sprinkle of Rainbow Dust Edible Silk, which meant that when she blew the candles out the air was full of glitter!


To make the cupcakes:

6oz butter or margarine
6oz caster sugar
6oz self raising flour
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla extract

Beat together the butter and sugar. Add the eggs one at a time and beat well, add the vanilla extract. Add the flour and fold in with a spatula until it is all combined. Spoon into cupcake cases but don’t fill them too much, you want to have a nice flat top to your cupcakes when you ice them. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for about 20 minutes and leave to cool before icing.

To ice the cupcakes make up some icing with a couple of drops of rose water. You can use standard icing sugar or fondant icing sugar for a fudgier texture. Spoon the icing onto the cooled cupcakes and leave the icing to level out and create a flat surface. Ice the cupcakes right to the top of the case.

Optimized-DSC_0965-2-1024x685 (1)Optimized-DSC_0976-2-1024x685Optimized-DSC_0992-2-1024x685

Add your Roses and sprinkle of glitter and they are done!


Lottie xx

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A Rose Cake for a beautiful Rose

A Rose Cake for a beautiful Rose

My sister’s name is Rose. Therefore her birthday cake had to have roses. And be pink of course. Queue the Wilton 1M, ready for some rose swirls! Rose is a lovely name, very pretty and it means she is so easy to buy presents for. I am probably most guilty of always buying her things with roses on them but this  I managed to steer away from anything printed with roses, even wrapping paper … although I did still opt for arRose themed cake of course. Oh and it had to be pink or I think she might have cried (yes, it was her 21st). Rosie, if you are reading this, after the success of the ‘Rose Cake’ your challenge is now to make a ‘Lottie Cake’ … Good Luck!!


My sister’s 21st birthday was great fun. She managed to spread it out over an awfully long time but I think that is allowed when it is your 21st. It started at the after show party for ‘Half a Sixpence‘ where she turned 21 when the clock struck 12. This is where we had this cake. The next day we all went for afternoon tea at Fanny’s Farm in the pudding room. Fanny’s Farm is a delightful place and the pudding room was lovely…and yet more cake! I made her another cake too that she took to work that week and then the weekend after it was time for a meal out with family friends and then off to party. This time I made cupcakes…Rose themed cakes of course! Then at the end of this week she was off to the Ritz for afternoon tea, lucky her! … yet more cake!

You might recognise the theme of dark chocolate cake and pink icing from a cake I have previously blogged. I think it is really effective and everyone loves chocolate cake, so I went for it again, but with a different cake recipe this time. After the success of the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake I made for another recent birthday I decided to use the sponge recipe for this cake. It is a lovely moist and chocolatey cake. You can find the recipe here. It is from theHummingbird Bakery Book ‘Cake Days’. I used exactly the same recipe but isntead of dividing the mix between 3 tins I used 2 this time. You can also see a previous Rose Swirl cake I have made here.

The icing is a simple vanilla buttercream, the only thing is you need a lot of it to do the rose swirls. It is better to make more than you need as well so you don’t have to make up more and try to get the same colour. With an electric whisk beat together 500g softened unsalted butter with 1kg sifted icing sugar. Add 2 tbsp milk to loosen the mixture and add food colouring to acheive the colour you want. I used Sugarflair Pink Paste for this, you only need a tiny bit. Put a small amount of buttercream on the cake board you are using to stick the bottom layer to. Ice the top of this with a layer of buttercream and sandwich with the second layer.


Coat the cake in a thin layer of buttercream. There will be gaps between roses so this will hide the gaps a bit and also catches the cake crumbs. Fill a piping bag fitted with a Wilton 1M (or other large star nozzle) and cover the cake in rose swirls. These are done by starting from the inside and swirling out. I did 2 layers of roses on the side of the cake in different colours and also covered the top in 2 colours of roses. You can fill the gaps with more piping but don’t worry about little gaps too much.




And this is the cake I made for her to take to work. It is exactly the same sponge but just one layer and uses vanilla buttercream too.


More Rose Cakes to come!

Lottie xx and Happy 21st Rose!

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Chocolate Dipped Rose and Strawberry Meringues

The last 2 weeks have seen me practically glued to the TV at any spare moment. I will admit it, I was addicted to the Olympics. I’m not even a very sporty person, yet I found myself enjoying every sport that there is and screaming at the TV with excitement when we won medals! I also thought that both of the ceremonies were just absolutely fantastic! Like many, I did feel a little bit sad at the end of the closing ceremony, that was the end of the Olympics and it was such a fabulous 2 weeks, everywhere in London was buzzing. Now I am just as excited though for the Paralympics, I cannot wait for them to start. I am performing in the Opening and Closing ceremonies and had my first rehearsal recently, I cannot put into words how excited I am to be a part of these ceremonies! Bring on the Paralympics!

Me and Russ supporting Team GB at the Olympics:

However you may have noticed that I haven’t had a chance to blog over the last 2 weeks of the Olympic period, there was just too much happening! Then this weekend I went on a little Camping Trip to Eastbourne. Turns out a 6 man tent really isn’t big enough for 6 people! All of us being Olympic fans we found a big screen in Eastbourne where the Olympics were being shown. We turned out there at 10am on Saturday morning to watch the diving semi final and cheer on Tom Daley and were practically the only people there. We were back again in the evening and sat in the cold to see Mo Farah win and Tom Daley get his bronze. This time a few more people were there. On Sunday we turned up for the Closing Ceremony, armed with sleeping bags to keep us warm, to find the place absolutely jam packed with people! It was fantastic and the atmosphere was amazing. An excellent end to the Olympics. Now though it is time for another little blog. This is another pretty post, I do like a bit of pretty baking. These meringues are lovely and make a fantastic summer treat for a party or picnic. They are rose and strawberry meringues dipped in chocolate and drizzled in chocolate. Yum!


To make these meringues you will need:

4 large egg whites (at room temp)
120g caster sugar
120g icing sugar
2 tsp rose water (I used English Provender Co. Essence of Rose Water)
Freeze dried strawberries (I used a tube by Cake Professional from Waitrose)
Pink food colouring – optional  (I use Sugarflair Colour Pastes)
Chocolate for dipping (I used white and dark chocolate)

Beat the egg whites on medium speed with an electric whisk until they form stiff peaks. Add the caster sugar a bit at a time and beat in between each addition. Also add the rose water and a small amount of food colouring if you are using it. Add the icing sugar half at a time and fold in using a metal spoon trying to keep as much air in the egg whites as possible, also fold in the freeze dried strawberries at this stage.

Spoon or pipe the meringue mixture onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. I tried to pipe swirls using a 1M nozzle but the strawberries get stuck in the nozzle so make sure you use quite a large round nozzle if piping.

Bake in a preheated oven at 100C for about 1.5 hours. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water. Once the meringues are cool dip the bottom of the meringues in the chocolate and put on a piece of greaseproof paper to leave the chocolate to set. Drizzle any left over chocolate over the meringues.

I made half of mine pink and half of them white. The white ones I dipped in dark chocolate and the pink ones in white chocolate.

On another exciting note, The Great British Bake Off starts tonight! Woop woop!


Lottie xx

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Rose Swirl Vanilla Birthday Cake

My boyfriend performed in Titanic at Epsom Playhouse last week, he switched between being a 3rd class passenger and a card sharper in 1st class where he got to enjoy puffing away on fake cigars. It was a truly fantastic and very moving show, so congratulations to ELOC for such a success! My boyfriend is somewhat adored by some of the ladies in the company and he was asked if he would present one of the ladies with a birthday cake at the after show party, dressed in an Officer’s Uniform! He said yes and of course loved it, I was tasked with making the cake!

I only had a couple of hours in the morning to do it so it had to be something quick and easy. I opted for a simple vanilla sponge and made it special with some rose swirl piping and shimmer dust, enter my old favourite Wilton 1M nozzle to save the day.

Start by making a simple vanilla sponge:


8oz margarine (I use stork)
8oz golden caster sugar
8oz self raising flour
4 eggs
splash of milk
2tsp vanilla essence

Grease and line 3 sandwich tins and preheat the oven to 180C. Cream together the margarine and caster sugar until smooth. Then beat in the eggs 1 at a time, trying to get air in the mixture. Add a splash of milk and the vanilla and beat in. Seive the flour into the mixture and gently fold in using a spatula. Pour the batter into the sandwich tins and bake in the oven, they should only take about 20 minutes. I had some mixture left over and used this to make some mini cupcakes.

Once the cakes are golden and cooked through leave to cool completely on a wire rack. Meanwhile, make the butter icing. I made cream cheese butter icing because I think it has a much nicer taste.


200g cream cheese (cold)
250g unsalted butter (softened)
600g icing sugar (seived)
1tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp milk
Food colouring

Beat together the icing sugar and butter until smooth. Then beat in the cream cheese, vanilla and milk but don’t overmix or the icing will go runny. Add more sugar/vanilla to taste and add as much milk as you need for the desired consistency. If you are piping you want it quite stiff. Add food colouring of your choice! I went for Sugarflair Paste in Tangerine and added just a tiny bit to get a lovely peachy colour.

Put a little icing on the board you will use for your cake to stick it down. Put down the first cake layer, spread with a thin layer of icing and sandwich the next layer on top, repeat and add the third layer. Now you need to cover the whole cake in a thin layer of icing to catch all the crumbs.

Fill a piping bag fitted with your nozzle and decorate the whole cake with Rose swirls, by swirling from the inside out. I started around the outside of the cake and then the top. Any gaps that are left just fill in as though it is still part of a swirl. This is the same icing technique used on cupcakes, you can see it here.

To finish I dusted the cake with some Rainbow Dust Comet White Dust from the Edible Silk Range to give it a bit of sparkle! (I only use glitters that are truly edible, the really glittery stuff is just labelled non toxic, not edible, so go for this edible silk range for a bit of sparkle, for more advice see here.)

And there you are, your rose swirled birthday cake is complete, simple, but effective!




Now please stop raining, I really want to get out on a bike ride, The London to Brighton is only 7 weeks away!

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Love, Lottie xx

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