Mince Pies

First post of 2012! And it is a Christmas post! Just one last Christmassy post before Christmas really is over until December! Tomorrow will be tree taking down time, a very sad day. I feel sorry for those skeletons of Christmas trees that you see scattered along the street after Christmas. They look so sad and lonely. I don’t want my beautiful tree to be one of those! But it has to happen, Christmas has to end for the year at some point, I figured that after today it might start getting a bit late to post about mince pies, so here they are now!

Without mince pies Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas, they are Santa’s favourite after all. So this year was no exception, out came the mince pies! I used shop bought mincemeat for mine, but added some dried cranberries to jazz it up a little. For the pastry I used Edd Kimber’s recipe from The Boy Who Bakes, but instead of adding vanilla I added the zest of an orange and a tablespoon of orange juice to make an orange and almond pastry. It was delicious and had a lovely colour too. ┬áBeing food processor-less I did it all by hand – hard work! And it made an awful lot of mince pies, I was making them for days from this pastry!


Cut out discs

Put into a bun tray

Add the mincemeat

Add the lids


Mince pies

Dust with icing sugar


I hope everyone has a good 2012!

Lottie xx

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